Is part of both an "across" word and a "down" word) and usually each answer must contain at least three letters.Modern Hebrew is normally written with only the consonants; vowels are either understood, or entered as diacritical marks.16 The phrase "cross word puzzle" was first written in 1862 by Our Young Folks in the United States.

Often, a straight clue is not in itself sufficient to distinguish between several possible answers, either because multiple synonymous answers may fit or because the clue itself is a homonym (e.g., "Lead" as in to be ahead in a contest or "Lead" as in the.Crossword clues are generally consistent with the solutions.

In Dutch crosswords, the ij digraph is considered one letter, filling one square, and the IJ and the Y (see Dutch alphabet ) are considered distinct.General Data Protection Regulation (gdpr).Britain, South Africa, India and Australia, have a lattice -like structure, with a higher percentage of shaded squares (around 25 leaving about half the letters in an answer unchecked.