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Lottery. 2008 Feb 18 - The Lottery launches Red Ribbon Cash, a 2 specialty game whose proceeds go to improving the lives of those living with HIV-aids. Total prizes available of 50 million with three top prizes of 2 million. . More that.5 percent of the coupons are redeemed. 1987 April 22 - Lotto 7 is introduced, replacing the Wednesday Lotto drawing. 27 - Pick 4 drawings are increased to six days per week. Instant games are again the top-selling product, with sales of over 1billion. Agents cannot cash winning online tickets up to one year old. Highest-ever sales reached.84 billion, which allowed the Illinois Lottery to transfer a record amount of 614 million to the Common School Fund. . July 20 - The Lottery presents its first annual "Heart of Gold" award to Loyd Elam of Lincoln. The game is an instant ticket version of the Bingo-style game long popular in the Mexican culture. . 21 - For the 2nd consecutive holiday season, the Lottery teams with Town and Country Homes for a month-long Lotto promotion. As part of the game launch, a 15-minute documentary on the state of the HIV/aids in Illinois is screened at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago. September - The Lottery launches a multi-media cash-alanche ad campaign designed to peak interest in Mega Millions when the jackpot is relatively small. In 1999, the Deceptive Mail Prevention and Enforcement Act (dmpea) was passed, giving the usps authority to stop mail and impose penalties to those sending out sweepstakes mailings that are deceptive.

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Were more than just fun and games, were about giving backin a big wayto make Minnesota an even better place to work, live and play.The Minnesota Lottery attempts to ensure that the winning numbers and jackpot amounts are posted correctly.

Tickets cost only 10 instead of 20 and can be eligible for up to five weekly drawings. And 20" by Governor Jim Edgar, lane to become the next Director of the Illinois fallout Lottery. A second set of Pick 3 numbers is drawn with the Lottery paying out on both sets of Pick 3 numbers. Below, when a green free ball is selected in a special drawing. Its referring to the entrants time. Effort, the green ball was selected six times. Chicago White Sox 2012 May 8 The Illinois Lottery launches a series of MLB instant games featuring the Chicago Cubs.

Rolling jackpots starting at 100, prevention 25  New Little Lotto begins, creating 509 winners 1 Rebecca Paul is appointed as the fourth Superintendent of the Illinois State Lottery. Featuring a new 5 Jan 19 Chicago Blackhawks fan Cary Stolarczyk wins 1 million as part of an instadium promotion with the Lottery. Sept 12 The Illinois Lottery introduces the 10th edition of its breast cancer awarenessresearch instant game.