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Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now No matter what kind of business youre in, Instagram giveaways are an excellent way of reaching new prospective fans with your products or services, growing your social following, and engaging with your fans. Its important to note that while Instagram analytics data can be immensely useful, you should approach this data carefully if youre examining it after a giveaway. If you spend any amount of time on Instagram, youve probably seen a giveaway in action firsthand. Step 4: Create the Perfect Instagram Giveaway Post So, youve done all the prep work, and now youre ready to actually launch your Instagram giveaway. Regardless of what youre giving away (or trying to win Instagram giveaways can be a great way to create some buzz and attract some potential new fans. Unless youre offering a significantly imbalanced (or unfair) advantage to one demographic over another say, giving women twice as many chances to win as men you can probably be quite confident in the integrity of your demographic data before or after you run your contest. OK, we did it: we found an even bigger Instagram account for calligraphy. I mentioned earlier in the post that the primary goal of catpartys giveaway was to increase the number of followers catparty has on Instagram any sales would be gravy, but boosting sales wasnt quikly the main objective. We can also see which posts were the most popular during our custom date range: Interestingly, in terms of Likes, each of the top three strongest posts performed similarly. You probably already know that you can access analytics data for your Instagram feed if your account is a Business account.

Youve got to spend money to make money. Leveraging peoples desire to get something for nothing is one of the most powerful techniques typography at your disposal. Youve probably heard the expression, some of the designs are absolutely incredible and you can get involved too. T regret, if you have recommendations for similar Instagram analytics tools.

308.1k Followers, 490 Following, 690 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Typography Inspired typographyinspired).An Instagram giveaway prize.

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Only you can decide on the value of a giveaway. Likes of catpartys posts during the contest rose dramatically between March 5 and March 6 the day that Nicky published her reminder post. During the week of the contest. Type designer Rasmus Lund Mathisen is a big fan of the handpainted type that sign painters daubed on the walls of Copenhagen in the early 20th century. We can calculate the costperacquisition of each new Instagram follower. As you can see, scroll through these beauties and get following swiping will never create so much font inspiration. If youve never used this kind of promotion before. You could also post reminders to help people remember that the contest is coming to a close which is another way to encourage lastminute aarp take a day 500 giveaway entries.

Every additional person tagged by an entrant was another potential follower.Yep, we're banging our own drum: the Creative Bloq Instagram account is where we stash any exciting or inspiring pieces of typography that we might happen upon.

His Instagram stream is a veritable torrent of the most glorious antique typography from the late 19th and early 20th century. Beautiful handetched lettering and deliciously quirky adverts for things like borax and ammonia and apos. A simple variant of the original post with a shortened caption was enough. She would increase her following considerably. But you may want to create more elaborate posts depending on your needs.